[attoma x Réseau Canopé] Building the city experience

The concept of “User Experience” does not only apply to objects and services. It also relates to urban spaces where we have daily experiences, whether individual or social. As a public operator of the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, Réseau Canopé provides lifelong training and professional development programmes for teachers. In particular, it supports them in the adoption of digital tools and environments. In order to promote the various fields of design to its target audiences, Réseau Canopé has produced a web series called “À quoi sert le design ?” (What is design for?). The 7th episode, titled “Construire l’expérience de la ville” (Building the city experience), touches on urban design, and aims to put users back at the heart of city projects, involving populations through co-construction – design by everyone and for everyone – to favour adoption. In this episode, Giuseppe Attoma Pepe presents

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